How We Got Started

Max Manufacturing, Inc. is a young but growing company located in Pelham, Georgia that is well-known for the reputation of being a leader of innovation. We design and manufacture high-quality products by utilizing the most advanced manufacturing machinery and robotics in the industry. The company started off in the ice vending machine business and developed into several product lines to fill the needs of our local farm communities. The company utilizes: a Mazack Super Turbo laser cutting table to produce the precision cuts needed, a computerized robotic welding arm & several Lincoln Electric Power Wave welders, Accurpress large press brakes, Americor steel rollers and a team of talented staff to all come together to produce several awesome products sold nation-wide. The company is owned and operated by Mr. Tim and Latricia Maxwell in Mitchell County Georgia.

Max Manufacturing Inc. is proudly located in a small but growing city, Pelham, Georgia and currently manufacturers four complex lines of equipment for three different industries. I believe our diverse market approach gives us a little extra security and economic advantages.The four major product lines are the: Just-Ice Vending Machines, Just Chillin Mobile Cold Storage Trailers, Max Spray Air-Blast Sprayers, and the Clean Green Composter poultry products.

The Just-Ice product line consists of three Ice & Water Vending machine models and is sold worldwide! The Just Chillin Mobile Cold Storage Trailers are heavy duty mobile walk-in coolers on a custom built frame, popular for food deliveries and any cold storage needs. The Max Spraying product line is currently only offered in four standard units and are customizable based on the needs of each operation in regards to capacity and/or operating preferences.The Max Spray system can be mounted on a trailer and tag along behind our water tank trailers or they can be hooked up to water wagons that the grower may already own. We also offer the units ready to be mounted on stretched semi’s so larger growers can utilize higher capacity tanks such as small semi tankers to gain water capacity. Our poultry composters are offered as modular sized units that range from 20 – 60 foot long stainless steel drums for dealing with farm mortalities.These units offer poultry and swine growers a more clean and cost-effective solution to dispose of the dead birds/hogs and produce higher quality compost that will be sold as a premium fertilizer. We also offer clean-out tools for the livestock barns, check out the Litter Buster and Corner Cleaner Blade.

Our agriculture spare parts line consists of high volume, wear items for peanut equipment, pecan harvesting equipment, tillage equipment and more.

We also offer custom laser cutting for many different businesses which include an aftermarket semi-truck parts distributor that specializes in chrome accessories and several aftermarket parts distributors or tractor dealerships.