Simplifying The Way The World Buys Ice

Just Ice is manufactured in Pelham, Georgia by Max Manufacturing. The moment we recognized the massive opportunity in the ice vending business, our first thoughts were, “This is HUGE!” When we decided to enter this amazing industry back in 2007, we had two things in mind: The ice consumer and the Just Ice business owner.

We knew that as long as we built a machine that was the highest in quality and also provided a staple product to communities, we could play a roll in one of the fastest growing business opportunities of today!

Our entire process from initial design through to product delivery is centered around ease of doing business and consumer satisfaction. That is why Just Ice has been a success so far. You as the business owner enjoys a profitable passive income and your customers enjoy an abundance of fresh ice – for less than they’d spend at the supermarket or convenience store!

Now selling bulk ice couldn’t be easier than owning your own Just Chillin Ice Trailer. Use the trailers for additional profits by selling to C stores or setting up for an event to sell your bags at a premium, others have rented the trailers and sold the ice inside for a win win! Be sure to check them out under “our products”

Just Ice Free – Standing Ice Vending Machines are in 48 States!

Join the fastest growing business opportunity available today.

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Do You Have Questions For Us?

We’re happy to guide you through our simple path to ownership or answer any questions. You can call us by phone or use the contact form to get started! Ready for a quote? Use the Just Chillin or Just Ice buttons at the bottom of this screen.


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