About the 28LT200 Sprayer

The Max Spray 28” Air-Blast Lift Type Sprayer with 200 gallon tank is a new design and different from anything else on the market. It was built from the feedback of pecan, blueberry, peach, grape, citrus, and other orchard farmers. The sprayer’s design offers growers better spray coverage, dependability, and smoother operation. Built with less maintenance and repair in mind. We are sure you will be very satisfied and impressed with this sprayer. The compact design of our lift type work perfect for your shorter crops and orchards, the strong fan allows for a 50 foot swath with the ability to spray from both sides of the machine. The spray patterns and spray heights are adjustable in order to the best penetration coverage in your orchard. Our design is a simple approach, everything is at your fingertips when it comes to the maintenance requirements and the parts are available! Also the sprayer only requires 40HP at the PTO.

Max Spray has a model here for you! Contact us today and request an on-site demo. (229)294-0550 or send in a request for pricing using the button on the previous page.

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Other Key Features:

  • Dual Hitch CAT 1 or 2

  • Adjustable Fan and Vane Setup

  • Brass Nozzle Bodies w/ Cut Off & No Drip Diaphgrams

  • TeeJet Controls and Electric Valves

  • Banjo Style Fittings

  • PTO Driven Fan and Roller Pump

  • Small Tractor Horsepower Required (40HP)

  • Stainless Tanks Available

  • Available in Painted or Galvanized Finish

  • Bravo 350 Tree Detection “SMART SPRAY” Available Option



Weight 400 pounds
76 inches Tall
56 inches Wide
72 inches Long

28 Inch Poly 6 Blade Fan
16 Nozzles
540 PTO
3000 RPM Fan Speed
Optional Valve Arrangements

Belt Driven
200 Gallon Poly Tank
1700C Hypro Pump Quick Attach
Optional Roll Over Spray Nozzles
22000 CFM

28lt100 sprayer
28lt100 sprayer
28lt100 sprayer
28lt100 sprayer

28lt100 sprayer
28lt100 sprayer
28lt100 sprayer