Utilizing Advanced Robotic Machinery

We employ the most advanced robotic machinery in the industry offering custom laser cutting, fabrication and manufacturing services for many different businesses including chrome truck parts distributor, industrial contractors and machine shops. By utilizing our CAD programs we develope our own products for retail, from the prototype stage to full production. Be sure to check out “our products” page and keep an eye out for new products launching soon.

Our current prototypes include: Seed Coating Trommell (used to coat seeds with chemicals & nutrients prior to planting), Electro-Static Sprayers (broadcast boom style & air-blast style) and removable Flat Bed Skids for semi truck fifth wheel. (used to haul water tanks, coolers, tools, chemicals, or whatever you may need a flatbed semi to do!). Feel free to contact us with questions about how we can help your operation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Precision Mazak Laser Cutting System (5×10 sheets varying from 0.75″ mild steel, 3/8 stainless and 0.25″ aluminum.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Robotic High Production Welding (Aluminum, Carbon & Stainless)
  • 250 ton 12ft Accurpress Brake Press to ensure accurate bends
  • Hydraulic 4 roller with 7 foot capable of rolling up to 1/2 inch materials.
  • Machining of component parts
  • Procurement of raw materials & commercially available components

  • Complete Mechanical Assembly
  • Plumbing of all related pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Wiring of main control cabinets & operator stations. Complete PLC wiring, Programming & Installation
  • Prototyping, Debugging & Testing
  • In-house Drafting Team
  • Final Skidding, Crating & Shipping