About the Litter Buster

This machine is designed to operate in a poultry or turkey house to pulverize the litter. It mixes the litter and the bedding together to create a desirable bedding or floor covering for the next flock. The Litter Buster has knives mounted to a roller drum in a spiral pattern, the rotating drums is lower into the floor of the poultry farm and set to a pre-determined height. This machine will do in one pass what others take several passes to do properly. The Litter Buster leaves a level surface behind the tractor by using the rear tail board to set the desired outcome. The tractor requirements are: Cat 1 or 2 hitch, 540 PTO, and at least 60 horsepower. The machine is belt driven and easily servicable.

Other Benefits:

  • The procedure also helps to eliminate the ammonia smell in the growing area.
  • The machine is offset as to allow the operator to run the unit next to the wall while giving the tractor room to operate.
  • Pulverizes large “cake” clumps in poultry floor covering after grow-out completed
  • Fast operation ~ levels floor in one pass to get ready for next flock
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Adustable tailboard allows easy depth control
  • No chains to adjust ~ gearbox driven
  • Long lasting cutting knives can be reversed to extend life.
  • Quiet matched belt operation ~ easily adjustable and replaceable
  • Heavy duty metal construction with replaceable floor skids


8 ft

29 in

96 Rotating

60 HP

CAT 1 & 2

Adjustable Tailgate

Litter Buster
litter buster
litter buster
litter buster
litter buster